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A Challenge to Colin Kaepernick- by a Marine Combat Veteran August 31, 2016

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Recently, professional football player Colin Kaepernick made a political statement by refusing to stand for the National Anthem.  Former (I know..you are never a “former Marine”) Marine Sgt. (Recon Marine, and Scout/Sniper) Travis Cox recorded a video explaining to Mr. Kaepernick challenging him to ‘do more’ than just ‘sit’.  I agree with Travis and want to add that respect is fundamentally different than ‘pride’.  I believe that Kaepernick’s actions were simply disrespectful. Please share.


1. sharinlite - August 31, 2016

A prog/lib on twitter said critics “needed to walk in Colin’s shoes” to understand where he was coming from. However, if, after being given away, getting adopted by a white couple, raised with love and care and given numerous opportunities, he thinks it’s OK to disrespect the flag of a country that made his life possible. Too many have walked in Colin’s shoes and didn’t have it 1/4 as good….but, Colin was educated by a progressive education system whose goals were to “transform” America…therefore, Colin is blind, deaf and dumb and cannot understand except the Plantation directives aimed at African-Americans by progressives to keep them under control.

2. Joan McCool - August 31, 2016

Sounds like a very reasonable explanation for really bad behavior and setting a very bad example to the youth in this country.

3. John Crouch - August 31, 2016

Thank you for posting this video. Sgt. Cox is a gifted and amazing human being.

Before viewing the video my comment were going to be along the lines of the danger of dictating proper protest. The thought is that if there are set rules of what can be protested and how it can be protested then our freedoms and liberties are not worth much. Whether or not you agree with or respect the protest should not have a bearing on the ability to do it. Sometimes you are ahead of your time like Muhammad refusal to enter the draft. He was later exonerated.

I have watched the video twice now. I see nowhere in this video does Sgt. Cox mention pride or respect except to say that while he does not agree, he respects Colin Kaepernick’s right to do what he has or is doing. Sgt. Cox then challenges Colin Kaepernick to do something about it — and on this point he is dead right. Quite frankly this is something that I had not thought about but he is in a unique position to do so. And he should.

John Crouch - September 3, 2016

Follow-up: It looks like Colin Kaepernick is taking a good first step toward Sgt. Cox challenge.


Chris Mark - September 3, 2016

Agreed. Honestly i dont think he is a bad dude. Good for him stepping up. It bothers me that people think he shoukd be cut…

John Crouch - September 3, 2016

Chris thanks for responding,

I just hope that people can get past the love of country and the Military personel aspects of this. It’s not about that. It’s not even about the good honest amazing police officers that put their lives on the line every day. It’s about the “Blue shield” and training for police officers. With social media everywhere it is getting harder and harder to deny the problem. Imagine if half the people in the stadium took a knee for the cause. That would send a powerful message.

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