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Chris Mark Speaking at OpenEdge 2016 Partner Advisory Board May 27, 2016

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OpenEdgeI am honored to have been asked to present as the keynote speaker at the OpenEdge 2016 Partner Advisory Board on June 6th, in Chicago, Il.  I will be speaking on the state of cybercrime today and provide a live demonstration of the Dark Web as well as a description of how cyber thieves steal and use payment card data.  It should be a fun event for everyone!  If you are an OpenEdge Partner please consider attending!

“Are You Eating a Rotten Apple?” – Personal Data May have Been Exposed in Global Payments Breach July 9, 2012

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Let me preface this post by saying this is not intended to take shots at either Global Payments or the PCI DSS.  Rather, this post is intended to generate discussion and discourse on the topic of compliance and risk management.

According to reports, it seems that the Global Payments data breach may have exposed more than payment card data.  n a June 12 update posted to its breach microsite, Global says hackers may have gained access to servers containing personal information collected from a subset of merchant customers.

“The company will notify potentially affected individuals in the coming days with helpful information and make available credit monitoring and identity protection insurance at no cost,” Global says. “The notifications are unrelated to cardholder data and pertain to individuals associated with a subset of the company’s U.S. merchant applicants.”

Based upon this statement it seems fair to assume that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as Social Security number and Bank Account information may have been exposed, as well.

This situation exposes the danger of using a narrowly focused, static standard as a baseline of security management rather than adopting a risk based approach to data security.   I have personally conducted over 100 PCI DSS audits and have seen first hand the resources consumed by the standard.  Companies often appear so laser focused upon protecting payment card data that other systems and data may take a back seat in the pursuit of “PCI DSS compliance.”  As there are significant penalties associated with non-compliance that it is difficult to blame the merchant or service provider. The penalties are designed to compel compliance with the standard.  As such, companies are going to give precedent to the PCI DSS over any other standard that does not have equivalent penalties associated with non compliance.

As a reminder, the PCI DSS is ONLY focused protection of Cardholder Data.  Surely some are going to say that the PCI should be applied across all systems etc.etc.  This is great in theory but does not happen in practice.  Companies take great pains to minimize their cardholder data environment specifically to lessen the compliance burden.

I am sure we will continue to see breaches of payment card companies having PII exposed as companies focus on PCI to the exclusion of risk based security management.

“Oh the humanity!”- Financial Institution Breached 3 Times in 2 Weeks! April 4, 2012

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STOP THE PRESSES!  According to the Patriot Ledger, a financial institution’s security was breached 3 times in 2 weeks and assets were stolen.  The media, however, has been quiet on the story.  I have not heard a single Gartner or other analyst publicly eviscerate the financial institution for their poor security practices nor has Information Week, CNN, or any other major media outlet opined on the breaches. Why?

The financial institution was a actually a bank branch and the breaches were not data thefts rather they were good old fashioned bank robberies.  In 1968, in response to increasingly violent and frequent bank robberies, the US Government passed the Code of Federal Regulations Title 12 part 208.61- Bank Security Procedures.  The purpose of the Act is as follows: (more…)

“Blaming the Victim and the PCI DSS is…Passe”- PCI DSS; GlobalPayments & Data Theft April 1, 2012

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In an effort beat the “PCI Evangelists”; “wagon jumpers”, “naysayers”, and “PCI Haters” to the punch, I am publishing my post on a Sunday evening.  By tomorrow morning the speculation on how the GlobalPayments compromise occurred will be in full swing and no doubt, many will have already condemned the company for “PCI DSS non compliance” or being “sick, lame, or lazy” when it comes to their PCI DSS compliance or information security.  Others will have published articles condemning the PCI DSS as ‘ineffective’, ‘irrelevant’, or simply ‘stupid’.

Before they are condemned I want to go on record and say it NOT a PCI DSS compliance issue that caused the compromise. Like Heartland Payment Systems, Royal Bank of Scotland Worldpay and many more before them, GlobalPayments has been held out as the paragon of PCI DSS compliance for years.  Now that they have been breached they will be expected to wear a scarlet letter for the foreseeable future. I have no doubt that by the end of next week their status as a “Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider”  will have either been revoked by the card brands or be under “review”.In the same vein, there will be many who shout from the rooftops that the PCI DSS is “irrelevant”, “outdated” and so on.  Neither of these positions are accurate.

Here it goes…(drum roll please)…

The PCI DSS is a solid set of information security controls and represents minimum necessary controls to minimize the likelihood of data compromise through common, identified vulnerabilities. (more…)

Global Issues Press Release Confirming Breach March 30, 2012

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Thank you to a person for pointing this out to me via LinkedIn.  GlobalPayments, Inc. has issued a press release confirming it was their system that was compromised.  You can read it here.  They have disabled cutting and copying so here is a screenshot.

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