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Guns, Games, and Videos- a Marine Sniper Talks On Violence and Killing November 29, 2016

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onkillingRecently a man attacked and wounded 10 people at Ohio State University.    As we approach the holiday seasons where gifts are exchanged I am hopeful that I can shed some light on killing and violence and the real issues that influence violence in our society.

“I left the sky in the middle of the night
I hit the deck and I’m ready to fight.
Colt .45 and Kabar by my side
These are the tools that make men die.”

-Infantry Cadence

This post is not a position on gun control rather it is intended give some insight into a side of the issue few outside of specialized jobs probably recognize or acknowledge.  That of the human weapon. 

There is an expression every Marine learns in Basic Training.  “The most dangerous weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle.”  Without justifying the statement (we Marines are very good at self-promotion), the statement is insightful and applies equally to the Rangers, Airborne, SEALS, RM Commandos or any other combat troop.  (more…)

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