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The “Deep Web” in Tactics & Preparedness Magazine May 15, 2017

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TacticsPrepDeepweb_smallDeveloped by the Naval Research Laboratory in 1994, The Onion Routing (TOR) protocol was originally designed to allow spies to communicate securely.  It is this protocol that ushered in the “Deep Web” which enabled Edward Snowden to bypass the NSA using an operating system called TAILS.  If you want to know more about the Deep web and how to gain access, please read my latest article in Tactics & Preparedness magazine.

“NSA Says – Largest Transfer of Wealth…EVER”; CyberAttacks rose 44% in 2011 July 10, 2012

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Parroting what many in the payments industry have known for years, the NSA released a statement about the dire state of cybersecurity.  According to the head of the National Security Agency cyberattacks increased 44% in 2011 and now account for the largest “transfer of wealth in history”.    According to FoxNews: 

“NSA chief Keith Alexander was speaking Monday at an American Enterprise Institute event in Washington, D.C.  He said that for every company that knows it has been hacked, another 100 do not know their systems have been breached. (emphasis added) The warning came on the same day that thousands of computer users were at risk of losing Internet access, due to malware that spread more than a year ago. Citing public and unclassified statistics, Alexander said Monday there are now 75 million unique pieces of malware on the loose.”

Those of use who have been in the industry for years have said that we are ‘losing the war’. I have personally been chastised for making such doom and gloom statements.  The facts are the facts however.  Hiding our head in the sand will not change the fact that “The criminals are absolutely ripping us to shreds,” and that “We’re losing the battle…That’s the reality of it.” (Chris Mark quoted in Salt Lake Tribune...pic at top).  In yet another push at self promotion..you can read one reason we are losing the battle in the IDGA research brief: “A Failed State of Security”.

“I can neither confirm nor deny”; NSA + Google = Glomar Response May 12, 2012

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In a story on Foxnews it is revealed that a US Federal Appeals court has turned down a request under the Freedom of Information Act that would have forced the National Security Agency to disclose what, if any, relationship it has with Google and specifically a cyberattack against Google which originated in China.  According to the story: “The Electronic Privacy Information Center, which focuses on privacy and civil liberties, sought communications between Google and the NSA, which conducts worldwide electronic surveillance and protects the U.S. government from such spying. But the NSA refused to confirm or deny whether it had any relationship with Google. The NSA argued that doing so could make U.S. government information systems vulnerable to attack.”

Now for some history- In April 1968, the Soviet Union’s K129 nuclear submarine sank.  Seeing an opportunity to get some intelligence, the US CIA’s Special Activities Division came up with a plan known as Project Azorian.  Using Howard Hughes’ company as a front, they commissioned the Hughes Glomar Explorer.  Hughes claimed the ship was designed to extract minerals from the ocean floor.  The HGE was sent to pick up the remains of the submarine and return them to the US.  When the project came to light and the US Government was asked about the project, the response was: “I can neither confirm nor deny” the existence of such a project.  Thus was born the Glomar Response or Glomar Denial…

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