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“Privacy, Terrorism, Blowback, and Crime” – Where to start? April 10, 2012

Posted by Chris Mark in Industry News, Laws and Leglslation, terrorism.
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There is an interesting story on the front page of Foxnews this morning where a self-proclaimed patriot hacker who calls himself “The Raptor” is “…waging his own war on terror..” by taking down online forums used by Al Qaeda sympathizers.  Certainly, known, and admitted terrorist organizations are not in the public interest. This blog is not justifying their position their tactics, or anything else they do.

The purpose of this post is to question the value of an individual (if you believe his tweets) taking unilateral action and then basking in the attention given to his actions. While vigilante actions may have a visceral appeal to many (including this author, at times) do actions such as this exacerbate the situation?  Additionally, one has to ask whether he is right in taking unilateral action?  As an American my gut reaction is to applaud the person but upon closer review, I don’t know if his actions are positive or altruistic.

In espionage there is a term called Blowback that refers to the unintended consequences of a covert action.  (more…)

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