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“Pick your poison” – Security or Convenience February 15, 2012

Posted by Chris Mark in InfoSec & Privacy, Risk & Risk Management.
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I have discussed the challenges of security & convenience for some time.  The latest news regarding the 10 year breach of Nortel gave me new fodder for the discussion.

Whether we are discussing information security, physical security, operational security (to name a few) the concepts of security & convenience are diametrically opposed. When we talk of convenience we can include operational efficiency in the discussion.  Consider a companies like Nortel with a large IT infrastructure.  One one side of the discussion is the IT department.  They are constantly hearing about how they need 99.999 uptime and faster systems.  In the payment card industry where transaction times are critical additional latency can be problematic.  They also hear over and over about how someone needs more access to more data.   (more…)

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