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Playing in Mogadishu – The Dangers of False Security and the Value of Situational Awareness February 23, 2012

Posted by Chris Mark in Risk & Risk Management, weapons and tactics.
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UPDATE: This is a great video that shows the difficulty in reacting with a concealed weapon.  Let me be clear, I am a proponent of the 2nd Amendment but I think that people place too much trust in their firearms without proper training.

Recently, I was discussing gun laws and other issues with some gentlemen with whom I used to work.  I live in a state (Utah) that has very liberal gun laws and a LOT of people who carry concealed firearms.  A short 4 hour class with no proficiency testing any adult that is a US Citizen without a felony can carry a concealed weapon in Utah.  This is a scary proposition to many (including me). The men were talking with full confidence about how they feel more safe with their guns.  They referenced a few situations in which some woman had been assaulted and stated with full confidence that if the women had been armed, the assault would not have occurred.  I explained to them that it is more important to have situational awareness than it is to have a weapon.   (more…)

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