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“I need a brother…” January 27, 2016

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jasonWithin my very tight knit community of Recon Marines, Scout/Snipers and SARCS, these are words you never want to hear and, at the same time, wish you would hear more often.  It is not uncommon to see a request in a Facebook post or get a text that says simply: “I need a brother…”  When these words are passed,  dozens, if not scores of Marines and Sailors drop what they are doing and reach out to take care of the one in need.  Sometimes it is just someone to talk with…sometimes it is more.  It doesn’t matter.  Responding to these simple words may mean the difference between life and death.

Last weekend another Marine in our very small group took his own life.  This has happened far to frequently for a group of our size and has become far too common.  (more…)

“Wanna Bet?..Yup…Straight8 I wanna CombatBet!”…Now You Are Asking What the Hell? August 15, 2012

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So I just had an opportunity to catch up with an old Marine buddy named Jason.  Jason owns Straight8 Photography.  He is a retired

Recon Marine and was an instructor with me at the Basic Reconnaissance Course in late 1990’s.  As I am talking, he mentions that his wife owns CombatBet.  I couldn’t believe it!  CombatBet is the “new” challenge coin.  For those unfamiliar, ‘challenge coins” have been around for years and are coins carried by people in units that identify their membership etc.  (too much history to explain).  Long and short, it sucks to carry 10 coins to hand out.  They are also expensive and not super customizable. I have been handed a half dozen of these over the last couple of years and didn’t know who was behind them!  If you are looking for either  a great photo or some kick ass poker chips, you have to take a spin by Straight8 Photography or CombatBet.com…BTW…if the pic looks familiar it is Jason with his daughter and was in the scrolling credits of Act of Valor…courtesy of Straight8…


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