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5th Grade “Teacher” Nicole Mcvey Teases Autistic Boy Stuck in Chair February 26, 2014

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AutisticTeasedAs the parent of an Autistic child this story makes me angry beyond description.  A 5th Grade “Teacher” (Nicole Mcvey) and “principal” (now former principal) Michael Ellis, at Oaktree Elementary School in Goodrich, Michigan RECORDED Themselves teasing an Autistic 10 year old boy who got stuck in a chair.  They did NOT try to help and the principal asked the child if he wanted to be “tasered”?    Shamefully, community members came to the board of education meeting to speak in support of the teacher..Really?  I guess she only hurt and taunted one child so that is OK?  Not only did they record over 10 minutes of video of this child trapped in the chair and being teased, they shared it with faculty and friends.

I would like to invite Mr. Michael Ellis to contact me about being ‘tasered’.  I will gladly go into a room with him and his ‘taser’ if I can record what happens and distribute.  I suspect he doesn’t have much interest in my own offer because I can tell you he will think it is a hell of a lot less funny than what happened to that poor child.

Here is the school’s address and phone number.  You can contact the current principal Mr. Jason Wilcox and explain your feelings jwilcox@goodrichschools.org  Given the format of their email, you can likely contact Ms. Mcvey: nmcvey@goodrichschools.org.

7500 S. Gale Rd.
Goodrich, MI 48438
Phone: (810) 591-5200
Fax: (810) 591-5210
Attendance: (810) 591-5252
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