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“Warren & Brandeis Cringe”- Identification through Typing March 21, 2012

Posted by Chris Mark in InfoSec & Privacy, Laws and Leglslation.
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Several years ago a few researchers demonstrated that the way in which people type is unique enough to be used to identify that person with a high degree of confidence.  It is not simply speed but includes cadence, time between particular keystrokes and other aspects.  This week DARPA announced that they are working to make the solution a reality.   Due to the uniqueness of a person’s typing DARPA says: “mimicking keystroke dynamics is physiologically improbable,” This means that it would increase the challenge of masquerading as another person.  I mark this up as “good in theory and terrifying in practice”.  In a talk last year a DARPA representative explained the process as such: “is move to a world where you sit down at a console, you identify yourself, and you just start working, and the authentication happens in the background, invisible to you, while you continue to do your work without interruptions.”  This is precisely where the issue comes to life. (more…)

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