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“Al Qeada’s Arab Spring”- Guest Post by Charlie Jacobs June 19, 2012

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Inspire (Fifth Edition)This is a guest post by Charlie Jacobs.  Charlie is completing his Master’s Dissertation and he had commented on a previous post. He has some interesting information and insight so I have invited him to publish a post. He has a brand new blog you can read here.  Enjoy!

In the Fifth Edition of its English-language online magazine released in March 2011 al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula decided to discuss the Arab Spring. The main areas of discussion were the events of the Arab Spring, the Western view of ‘al-Qaeda’s Arab Spring’ and where the revolutions should head next.

The Tsumani of Change

“The friends of America and Israel are being mopped out one after the other.” Al-Qaeda’s view of the Arab Spring is viewed through the trans national prism of defeating the influence of its enemies within the Islamic world. The fall of Mubarak was historic for the region but was also “a day that exposed America’s two-faced policy on democracy.” (more…)

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