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Another Total Security Failure!?- 750K Socials Stolen in Utah April 10, 2012

Posted by Chris Mark in Industry News, InfoSec & Privacy.
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(RANT ALERT) While everyone is fighting over who gets to eviscerate Global Payments in the press today, a major breach of sensitive data goes unnoticed.  For the record…Credit Card theft is NOT identity theft.  Steal my credit card every day of the week…I have zero liability. Do NOT steal my social or passport or drivers license. We seem to be focused on the wrong data at times. I live in Utah and am pretty sure my wife, and my own 2 year old son’s Social was included in this breach.

Today on Foxnews.com a story was posted about how hackers stole “hundreds of thousands of social security numbers” from the Utah Health Department.  Well…this is not entirely accurate.  The data thieves did steal the Socials but they also stole medical information and other personal information such as names, addresses etc.  The total number of records is nearing 900,000.  Here is my beef…according to  the story: (more…)

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