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The Security Leader Lost a Visionary and Leader this Summer – Rick Dakin October 13, 2015

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CoalfireI just learned that a fine man and information security visionary passed away this summer.  Rick Dakin was the co-founder and CEO of Coalfire, a well-respected information security company.  Over the years I have had numerous opportunities to work with Rick and interface with him.  I am truly saddened to have learned that our industry has lost such a fine man and fine leader.  Under Rick’s leadership as CEO, Coalfire grew from a regional security company into an internationally known security firm.

Rest In Peace Rick…your influence in the information security and business arena cannot be overstated.

My Confession about “The Other Woman”- Carly August 9, 2015

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CarlyI apologize for using some ClickBait to get your attention but I wanted to talk about “The Other Woman” in the 2016 US Presidential Race.  Carly Fiorina. I watched the early debate without any real interest until I heard Carly speak.  Carly Fiorina was impressive (IMHO) in the debates and really got my attention!  The dig on Carly Fiorina has been a “fake scandal” (see how I did that?  Using a Clinton cliche?:) related to her role as CEO of HP and her ‘laying off’ of 30,000 employees.  Like many readers of this blog, I lived through the Dot Com Crash.  At the time I worked for the World’s largest Hosting provider (over 4,000 employees).  After 12 rounds of lay-offs the company went bankrupt.  The idea that it is unacceptable for the CEO (any CEO) of HP to restructure during this time is laughable.  CEO’s get paid to make tough choices and sometimes those choices affect employees.  CEOs of public companies have a fiduciary duty to shareholders. This means that she is legally required to act in the interests of the shareholders first.  Not doing so can actually be a crime.  This is business 101.

If you have not had a chance to watch the debates, please take the time as I believe it will be worth the investment.  Carly was impressive and, more importantly to me, she was earnest and had a plan.  She was direct, articulate, presidential and demonstrated she understood the issues.  I hope to see more.

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