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Chris Mark Endorses Marco Rubio for President! February 6, 2016

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MarcoPresidentOK..since my latest brushes with fame on CNN and the National Review maybe the idea of me ‘Endorsing’ any candidate, much less Senator Marco Rubio, is a bit overblown 😉  That being said, I do want to post about why I think the Mr. Marco Rubio is the best option for President in 2016!

I have watched every presidential debate and every ‘town hall’ and I have come to the conclusion that I believe Marco Rubio is the candidate that is best suited to lead our great nation for the next 4 (or 8) years.

While there are no doubt policies that Marco and I disagree upon, the concept fostered by Nobel Prize recipient Herbert Simon of Satisficing comes into play. While we may not all agree on all issues, we evaluate alternative and decide upon the best option.  For this reason, I can say that whether I agree with Mr. Rubio on all issue is irrelevant as I agree with his position on the major issues and that is more important than minor disagreements. (thank you Auburn University for my BA in Poli Sci!)

I think Marco represents more of what I believe that our country needs with a conservative executive than any other candidate. So, what is conservatism?  As detailed by Mr. Rubio conservatism consists of three primary points: 1) Free Market 2) National Security and 3) Limited Government. (particularly Federal Government).  I agree with all three of these points.

More importantly I find Marco to be both honest, smart, fair, and a man of conviction. arco Rubio is clearly very smart and very well read on the relevant issues.  Unlike some of the other candidates I do not hear a lot of “sound bites” in his responses and he will speak to the issues with both passion and experience. I listed to Mr. Rubio talk about the issue in the middle east and instead of regurgitating the same tired nonsense of “carpet bomb them” he spoke intelligently of the issues between Sunni and Shia Muslims and how that impacts national defense! This is not an easy topic to learn and takes a lot of study to understand.  This demonstrates to me that Mr. Rubio is the type of President I think we need!

Some may see Mr. Rubio’s passion and his tendency to speak quickly and directly as less than ‘presidential’ but I see a person who is in the race for the right reasons! We need more passion, intellect, and frankness in the office. While many have emotion and passion for the job, I like Mr. Rubio’s intellect and education. I have yet to hear him asked a question where he simply regurgitates some sound bite for political expediency. I like people who stand tall and admit mistakes and own their flaws. Marco even made a reference to his boots that were ‘too tall’ (I could use a pair of those, as well)..
I am using my 15 minutes (14 are already spent so only 1 minute left) of ‘fame’ to Endorse Marco Rubio for President of the United States!

To donate to Marco’s campaign please click here!

Chris Mark

My Confession about “The Other Woman”- Carly August 9, 2015

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CarlyI apologize for using some ClickBait to get your attention but I wanted to talk about “The Other Woman” in the 2016 US Presidential Race.  Carly Fiorina. I watched the early debate without any real interest until I heard Carly speak.  Carly Fiorina was impressive (IMHO) in the debates and really got my attention!  The dig on Carly Fiorina has been a “fake scandal” (see how I did that?  Using a Clinton cliche?:) related to her role as CEO of HP and her ‘laying off’ of 30,000 employees.  Like many readers of this blog, I lived through the Dot Com Crash.  At the time I worked for the World’s largest Hosting provider (over 4,000 employees).  After 12 rounds of lay-offs the company went bankrupt.  The idea that it is unacceptable for the CEO (any CEO) of HP to restructure during this time is laughable.  CEO’s get paid to make tough choices and sometimes those choices affect employees.  CEOs of public companies have a fiduciary duty to shareholders. This means that she is legally required to act in the interests of the shareholders first.  Not doing so can actually be a crime.  This is business 101.

If you have not had a chance to watch the debates, please take the time as I believe it will be worth the investment.  Carly was impressive and, more importantly to me, she was earnest and had a plan.  She was direct, articulate, presidential and demonstrated she understood the issues.  I hope to see more.

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