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“Here I (we) go Again…”; GlobalCerts.net hacked August 27, 2012

Posted by Chris Mark in cybersecurity.
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On this lovely Monday morning on the opening week of College Football (WAR EAGLE!)…I open with some classic Whitesnake and their awesome song from 1987: “Here I go Again”.  It seemed appropriate since here ‘we’ go again with another hack and data compromise.  According to Cyber War News,  GlobalCert.net was hacked and their data posted to Pastebin..according to the report, GlobalCert.net’s web database was hacked and over 1000 clients’ data posted online by Anonymous.  GlobalCert.net’s website says the following about their website:

“GlobalCerts provides a comprehensive solution that meets a full range of secure messaging needs—including an automatic, transparent, inter-organizational secure messaging product, the SecureMail Gateway. GlobalCerts also offers a trusted, scalable, user friendly solution to overcome the hurdle obstructing many organizations from deploying a standards-based, secure messaging solution. SecureTier is a hands-off global, certificate management solution for key creation, discovery, and revocation. No other key distribution and discovery system is as effortless and efficient as GlobalCerts’ solution.”

Seems that GlobalCert.net should practice what they preach 😉

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