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War Heroes, Counts, Magistrates, and Lunatics…thanks Ancestry.com! June 16, 2017

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EHM_graveI grew up in a broken home and had little interest or knowledge of my genetic family when I was growing up.  Until recently there were few ways to trace one’s lineage with any degree of accuracy.  In 2010 I joined Ancestry.com.  it was still pretty nascent and I didn’t get much value from the limited information available.  Last week I had an epiphany and looked up the obituary of one of the grandparents with which I was familiar.  It had just enough information that I started looking.  I went back to Ancestry.com and BOOM! I was on fire!  In the 7 years I was away from Ancestry.com there were volumes of new information added!  In two days I found over 160 direct relatives.  I had always assumed my relatives had come to the US like many Irish immigrants during the Great Famine of 1845-1852.  I guessed (incorrectly) that my relatives were farming folk from Ireland.  The real story is much more interested!

The first relative I looked up was my maternal grandfather Emery Harry Montgomery.  He was a Colonel in the US Airforce (previously the Army Air Corps) and had served with distinction in WWII where he flew P-47s over Europe and was awarded 4 Air Medals and in 1944 earned a Distinguished Flying Cross!  Colonel Montgomery was the CO of the 2nd Jet squadron in the US and was killed in 1958 while flying an F80. (more…)

“Proxy Wars 101” – Russian Attack Helicopters Caught Bound for Syria June 19, 2012

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According to a story on MSNBC, a ship carrying military attack helicopters and missiles from Russia to Syria was stopped off the coast of the UK yesterday.  The insurers cancelled the coverage of the ship forcing it to turn back.  The interesting part of this scenario is the fact that the ship was carrying Russian Mi25 (HIND) attack helicopters to Syria.  Thee Mi25 is one of the most noticeable and lethal attack helicopters in history.  It was highlighted in numerous movies including Red Dawn and Rambo 3.  It is very effective at ground support.  For those  who have been living in a cave for the past few months, Syria is currently engaged in a revolution and the government has been accused of a brutal crackdown on the revolt with the indiscriminate killing of civilians.  The international community has nearly universally condemned Assad’s actions….nearly.  Russia and China appear to in support of the Assad regime.  Syria and Russia have a long standing relationship extending to the days of the Soviet Union. You can read more about it here. (more…)

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