Park City 911 Emergency…handled the right way today…

BasinRecThose who follow my blog know the story of my 4 year old son, Tyler, who was badly injured in an indoor playground facility. Listening to the 911 calls of his incident is infuriating and brings tears to my eyes. Today, is another story of a situation handled well by complete 3 strangers.  I was driving with my 15 year old nephew Christopher down Highland drive past the local recreation center.  My nephew looks out his window and yells “STOP! there is someone hurt in the parking lot!”  I stop the car and look to see a man on the ground in obvious distress and another kneeling above him.  My nephew jumps out of the stopped vehicle and sprints to the parking lot while I turn the car around. As I pull into the parking lot, Chris already has 911 called from his iPhone and is trying to give directions and a description of the incident.  He is from Texas and had the presence of mind to get local 911 and call.  The man rendering aid is very shaken up (his hands are literally shaking) and says “It looks like a seizure but I have never seen one like this”.  He instinctively knew enough to try to keep the patient calm, while covering him and trying to treat him for shock.  I took the phone from my nephew to give 911 directions to the incident. An ER doctor then showed up at the rec center and started rendering aid.  I then handed the phone to the friend of the person in distress and the emergency services showed up shortly thereafter.    The point here?  If you have never taken a First Aid class, please do.  Stay calm and always call 911 FIRST.  In this situation, the ER doc was overheard telling the patient that if he had a history of seizures he would not need to go to the ER.  At least a 15 year old had the presence of mind to call. I could not be more proud of my  nephew jumping into action and handling a stressful situation like a professional.  When we left it looked like the patient was doing much better.

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Hey Chris…Where did the posts on Tyler go?

ThanksMonkeySome people are certainly wondering where the posts related to Tyler’s injury went…Since I received a demand to “Cease and Desist” and to remove the blog posts our attorney (actually Tyler’s attorney) advised us to go ahead and pull them and let the legal process play out. So there you have it…we will let the process play out.

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Protected: M*** M*** – Where is your Child Care License in 2014?

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Protected: M*** M***; 4 Year Old Autistic Son Fractured Skull and TBI

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DMCA..Ignore at Your Own Peril

dmcaIn May 2012, I wrote a blog titled “Competitive Intelligence 201: Locating and Protecting your Web IP”…In the blog post, I gave a couple of examples of companies that appeared to ‘borrow’ from competitors.  It appears as if one of the competitors was already on the case. I would have hoped the blog would have served as a warning.  Clearly, by this default judgement against the company referenced, it did not.

As can be seen in the judgement, no only was a 5 figure award granted but the judge also found that:

“FURTHER ORDERED that Defendants, their officers, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, and those persons in active concert or participation with them who receive actual notice of the injunction are enjoined from directly or indirectly reproducing, preparing derivative works, distributing copies, performing, publicly displaying the copyrighted elements of the Triple Canopy website, including, but not limited to, using or distributing any material on the (COMPANYP website located at that infringes Triple Canopy, Inc.’s copyrighted material. Within 15 days from receipt of this Order, Defendants shall deliver to Triple Canopy or certify under oath that all copies of infringing material have been taken down and destroyed;”

A quick review of the website shows that it was indeed taken down. Only a landing page currently exists.

What can be done?  Potential legal action may be justified.  According to Terry Church (Chairperson of the IP and licensing group): Website content is protected under federal copyright laws. The law protects your exclusive right to reproduce or display copies of your written work, including your written work on the Internet. No one else may use it without your permission. Many people don’t know that you don’t have to register website content to claim copyright rights on it. Under federal law, copyright rights arise automatically when a piece of written work is created.”

In several previous posts, I have introduced basic concepts of competitive intelligence and vetting organizations. (you can read the posts here OneTwoThreeFour)


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