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Randy Abbott – “paralyzed surfer who was robbed” AND A Recon/Sniper? Yeah..OK… August 5, 2014

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UPDATE: The fine folks at This Aint Hell (but you can see it from here) just published a story on Randy Abbott and included his DD214s as well as a speech he gave at the Travis Manion 2013 Hero Run.  While he claims he: “…spent (his) first eight years assigned to Special Operations Command with  a counter terrorist unit”..His DD214s confirm what we already knew…he was NOT a Recon Marine and NOT a Marine Corps Scout/Sniper.  Mr. Abbott was a BulkFuel specialist (ran a gas station) and an Admin Marine (Made sure Marines got paid and had records updated).   Thanks to A Buncha Damn Cowboys for their work on outing this guy.  Who is this shadowing group? Pretty simple.  It is a group of Recon Marines, Scout/Snipers and SARCs who were tired of people claiming honors which they had not earned.

Two weeks ago I (and a lot of my friends) read a story about Randy Abbott.  Randy is a paralyzed surfer who said his surfboards were stolen at the beach.  According to Randy he hit one of the guys with an uppercut but they ran away with his boards.  By most accounts a pretty decent guy.

Since the report of the theft and his status as a ‘disabled vet Recon/Sniper’ there has been an international outpouring of support and numerous people donated thousands of dollars in response.  In the story, they state that after spending “fourteen years as a Marine Corps recon scout sniper”, his body was banged up.  Randy was not just a Scout/Sniper but a real life “Recon Sniper”?  WOW!…I had to do more research as the Marine Reconnaissance and Scout/Sniper community is VERY small and I had not heard of this guy!  Why..I am a Recon Marine and Scout/Sniper!!  So I did some research and found a picture on his Facebook page that was a giant tattoo of non other than the 1st MarDiv Scout/Sniper School with the motto: “Suffer patiently and patiently suffer”.  Nobody would go so far as to get a tattoo of a sacred sniper HOG (Hunter Of Gunmen) logo unless they were ‘legit’.  Since nobody could find Mr. Abbott in any of the secret ‘invite only’ Facebook pages for Recon Marines and Snipers (yup…they exist), the Sniper School “God book” or any other places that we use to verify Recon Marines and Snipers (instructors, classes, people who served with him etc.) the question was raised as to whether or not Mr. Abbott was really a Scout Sniper or Reconnaissance Marine?  A few former Recon Marines reached out and Randy said he served with “1st Recon BN, Sniper Platoon”  That seemed odd since nobody can remember a ‘sniper platoon’ in 1st Recon Bn.  More research and NOTHING…his DD214 has been requested but if you know how to contact Randy, please ask him to shoot me an email and we can clear all this up.  I have posted my own DD214 to show how easy it is to demonstrate you are Recon Marine or Scout/Sniper. Until then, it appears as if this man is simply making things up…


Rising Phoenix Equine Rehab – Helping Vets with PTSD August 2, 2014

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I recently learned of a great charity called Rising Phoenix Equine Rehabilitation Center  that serves two valuable purposes.  First, they help rehabilitate horses and second, they provide horse therapy to veterans with PTSD….free of charge!  If you are so compelled, please take a look at Rising Phoenix and consider donating.



Judge Tells Criminal a father should have “beat the hell” out of him to prevent crime… July 17, 2014

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Callahan2While this is not security related, I feel I have to comment on this social issue.  According to reports, Wayne County Judge James Callahan told Latrez Cummings that the “…young man who participated in a mob attack on a Detroit-area motorist needed a father to “beat the hell” out of him as a kid to discourage him from committing such a crime…”  Mr. Cummings was sentenced to six months in jail for his participation in the gang beating of Steve Utash who was beaten after hitting a child with his truck on a Detroit street.  Do I think Cummings is a criminal who should be in jail? Absolutely.  Do I think, as Judge Callahan stated that a child needs: “someone to discipline you. Someone to beat the hell out of you when you made a mistake, as opposed to allowing you or encouraging you to do it to somebody else.”  No.  The fact that a sitting judge would reduce the factors involved in criminality to simply not ‘beating a child’ enough or believe that the way to deter such behavior is through ‘beating a child’ is offensive and demonstrates why our justice system in the  US is in shambles.  Judge Callahan clearly does not believe that women (moms) are capable of raising or disciplining children and appears to be believe that the only effective way to deter aberrant behavior is to beat a child.  This is ignorant at best, and dangerous at its worse.  There are many reasons for crime.  Judge Callahan needs to learn more about crime prevention and less about ‘beating children’.  

Chris Mark @ AT&Ts #ChatDPD talking about Privacy July 8, 2014

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HeadshotChris2013_COMPJoin AT&T tomorrow (July 9th) at 3pm Eastern for an AT&T Small Business Twitter discussion where we will be answering questions related to privacy.  You can tweet your questions in real time or follow us in real time at: https://twitter.com/hashtag/chatdpd?f=realtime  I look forward to catching up on Twitter!

Chris Mark in July 2014 of TransactionWorld (Proximate Reality) July 1, 2014

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july coverJuly’s issue of TransactionWorld Magazine was just released.  Click here to read my latest article, “Understanding Proximate Reality to Improve Security”  Here is a preview..

“Various reports are published annually that analyze data breaches, opine on the root causes of the data theft and frequently ascribe blame to one party or another. It always invites scrutiny when a well-known security firm or analyst makes a definitive statement such as “X% of breaches could have been prevented through the implementation of basic controls, such as patching.” 

This position is not only inconsistent with accepted risk management practices, but also confuses the basic concepts of correlation and causation while ignoring the very human element of adaptation. Unfortunately, companies that subscribe to these simplistic views of the industry and threats are exposing themselves to very real dangers. As supported by the increasing number of breaches identified each year, information security is no longer a domain for amateurs and requires the application of lessons learned from domains such as intelligence, anti-terrorism, and decision science to make effective decisions.

Two important concepts borrowed from the intelligence and anti-terrorism domains can be used to help CSOs and others make relevant decisions related to their risk posture and other aspects of data security. These concepts are known as Proximate Reality and Adaptive Threats.”  Read More!


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