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A Perspective on Guns & Killing from “A Marine and his Rifle” (Updated 2020) February 25, 2020

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“I left the sky in the middle of the night
I hit the deck and I’m ready to fight.
Colt .45 and Kabar by my side
These are the tools that make men die.”

-Infantry Cadence

With the recent political debates raging and ‘gun control’ once again front and center of the Democrat candidate’s platforms, I felt it was appropriate to update and republish for 2020.   This post is not a position on gun control rather it is intended give some insight into a side of the issue few outside of specialized jobs probably recognize or acknowledge.  That of the human weapon. (more…)

Threat Adaptation and Guns – Security 101 June 14, 2016

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PirateSmallLet me start by saying that I, like everyone, am horrified by the events in Orlando. That being said, it is important to understand some concepts inherent to security and why the argument of gun control to prevent attacks like those in Orlando is flawed.

Before I delve into my post I want to give some of  my own background. I started my professional career in the US Marine Security Forces providing armed physical security for a critical national asset.  I have provided Force Protection in a combat zone, was a Marine Scout/Sniper, and I have provided unarmed security in a level 3 psychiatric ward. I have conducted anti-piracy operations in and around the Gulf of Aden and finally, I have been an information security professional for nearly 20 years.  I am also working in a Doctorate in CyberSecurity.  I have written scores of articles and spoken at many dozens of security events.  I may not know much in life but I understand security.

I read a letter from a mother of a Sandy Hook victim.  In the letter she said:

“I am sorry that our tragedy here in Sandy Hook wasn’t enough to save your loved ones,”

While I feel for the mother and understand her very normal and appropriate response to losing her child, the argument simplifies the issue.  Unfortunately, what we are dealing with is not a gun issue…it is a people issue. (more…)

Donation Information For Newtown, CT December 16, 2012

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If you feel moved, please consider donating to those in Newtown, CT.  As you can imagine, many families are struggling.  You can donate through a local Newtown Bank or through the United Way.

Sandy Hook School Support Fund
c/o Newtown Savings Bank
39 Main Street, Newtown CT 06470

In Rememberance of Newtown, Connecticut December 14, 2012

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EagleCryingToday a piece of America died at the hands of a person who murdered 20 innocent children and 6 innocent adults in Newtown, Connecticut.  There are no words to describe the anger, horror, and sadness I personally feel and, I am sure, we all feel today.  This holiday season, please remember what is important in life.  Hug your children, loved ones, and friends a little tighter and remember those who died today.

If you are religious, please remember those who died and their families in your prayers and if you are not religious, please honor them in your own way.  I will post opportunities to donate as they become available.

God Bless

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